I have taught Introductory and Advanced courses in sociology, gender and development, and public policy at The University of Chicago, Princeton University, and Baylor University. I have also served as a Faculty Thesis Advisor to senior undergraduate students at Princeton and am a Faculty Advisor at The University of Chicago Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences (MAPSS).

Teaching Interests

Gender, Organizations, Development, Public Policy

Teaching Experience

2016 Winter: The University of Chicago, Department of Economics (Cross-Listed with Sociology, Comparative Human Development, and Public Policy), "Gender and Development"
2015 Spring: The University of Chicago, Public Policy Studies, "Problems of Policy Implementation"
2014 Spring: Princeton University, Department of Comparative Literature, Islamic Feminism Seminar
2012 Spring: Lone Star Community College, Cypress, TX: Introduction to Sociology
2010 Spring: Baylor University, Senior Colloquium (co-taught with Paul Froese)
2009 Fall: Baylor University, Statistics for Social Science, Teaching Assistant

Thesis Supervision

Advised, mentored, and read early drafts of the thesis, as well as made a final evaluation of the thesis (required for graduation).

University of Chicago: Master's Thesis Preceptor to Bahar Aldanmaz, candidate in the Masters Program in Social Science. 2016-2017. Awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue a Ph.D. in Sociology.
University of Chicago: Undergraduate Senior Thesis Advisor, Ugur Kocak, Economics and Public Policy Major on his thesis, "The Socialization of Peacebuilding in Turkey: The Role of Women in the Peace Process." 2015-2016.
University of Chicago: Master’s Thesis Reader to Anum Qadir, candidate in the Masters in Public Policy Program on her thesis, “Education Policy in India.” 2015.
Princeton University: Undergraduate Senior Thesis Advisor to Sheeba Arif, student in Comparative Literature, on her thesis, “The New Language of Cultural Conquest: Eurocentric Moralism and the Unconquered Muslim Woman.” 2013-2014.

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